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Bicomponent adhesive for corals.

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  • 50 + 50 gr
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  • 400+400 gr

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Glue for corals to use for creation of cuttings, to fix corals to rocks and rock to rock.
It’s made of two components A-B to mix. It’s absolute non-toxic, it does not release substances and residues in water, it can be workable by wet or dry hands because it does not stain or stick. It does not cause lesions or infections on corals. It has a healing power and so it reduces whitening and allows the growth of new tissue.
After an adeguate mixing of the components this product becomes hard after about 2 minutes, during it can be worked and molded. In extreme condition, when it is required a bigger resistance, it’s recommendable to model and apply a light pression on the product until it’s not completely hard.
Use: To ensure the correct operation of the product It is advisable to clean the rocks and any other parts to remove the bacterial film and any other residue before use.
Take two single parts of A and B components, mix until the color is uniform and immediately use the product. It will become hard after about 2 minutes. Hardening happen in and out the water.
Warnings: The ratio 1:1 must be respected to not alter hardening time and final features of product. Close the package after use. Hardening could be inhibited with latex gloves. Keep separated A and B components in the original package and protect them from dust.
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