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Led lamp with specific and innovative techniques developed by Xaqua, designed for the application and use on marine reef aquariums.

Dimensions: 32 x 18,5 x h 4,5 cm. Weight: 3 Kg.

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600,00 €

  • Wi-fi module included
  • Wi-fi module not included

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Finally available to satisfy the most careful needs of the most experienced people that decide to breed corals, especially SPS and LPS. Utopya is the new led lighting system branded Xaqua.
Xaqua wants always to distinguish itself from the trend of the sector and once again it does it, presenting (some years after the competitors) a led lamp with innovative features.
The collaboration with the company leader in lighting and the research of our specialist personnel have produced a led with advanced technical specification, with ideal characteristics for a perfect illumination and a light spectrum that reproduces the exactly effect of solar radiation in water. There are three profiles of light, consisting in 24 white leds, 15 blue leds and 6 amber leds, specifically designed for the illumination of a specific space, just like an aquarium, and not for the general lighting of an environment.
The profiles and the heatsink of the lamp are made of aluminum, worked with high precision CNC machines and then brushed, anodized and tumbled to obtain the best aesthetic appearance.
The cover is realized in polycarbonate (QUEEN CAST UVT), has excellent resistance to impacts and chemical agent and does not stop UVA rays emitted by the leds, ensuring the correct metabolic activity of all corals and all the benthic fauna present in the aquarium.
The PCB (the form which includes the leds and the electronic components) is made of high quality material, is completely assembled by hand and ensures proper heat dissipation that is generated. It presents a fuse that prevents the passage of current in the event of accidents, protecting the electronic parts that compose it. It’s attached to the heatsink with 18 stainless steel screws. All screws are in stainless steel AISI 316. Among the PCB and the heatsink there is the Sil Pad, a high temperature resistant material that transfers steadily and permanently the heat, unlike the common thermal paste.
The lamp cooling is guaranteed by the presence of a fan, fixed inside the heatsink. It detects the lamp temperature and automatically turns on/off.
The power supply is tin and then does not present problems in humid environments. It is equipped with a security system that protects the lamp in case of electrical surges. The cables are made of soft and flexible silicon material. The connection between the power supply and the cables occurs by a safely tightening system.
The materials that make up Utopya are strictly made in Italy, as the assemble.
Available with or without Wi-Fi module.

With the version equipped with Wi-Fi module you can manage the lamp with a simple click!
Xaqua Smart Connector is the app for the administration of the Utopya lamp and the future Xaqua products! With this app, available on all mobile devices, you can customize the color and the intensity of light emitted by the lamp, creating beautiful ambience. You can set a fixed tones or choose to create a beautiful color transitions and having an aquarium in continuous transformation.
They will take place automatically, according to the times set.
Xaqua Smart Connector offers a new and innovative lighting control system of aquariums: you can set up and customize the various stages of the day, such as choosing between a clear or rainy morning, or between a moonless night or a night with full moon. For each of these settings you will have a different light, designed to recreate the natural one. Alternatively, trought the advanced panel, you can create entirely new shades by customizing the colors, the percentage emitted and light intensity.
With Xaqua Smart Connector is also possible to download the weather of any city in the world, and replicate it in the aquarium in order to have a real light transitions, ensuring the welfare of animals.
- Setting the color and the light intensity through the Advanced panel.
- Settings predefined colors and light intensity.
- Selecting and setting of preinstalled planned color transitions.
- Create custom planned color transitions.
- Setting of planned color transitions based on weather of a city.
- Reading information on the lamp and his operation.

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